Viral Video Shows Dodgers Fan Get Trucked During On-Field Marriage Proposal

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A viral video shows a Los Angeles Dodgers fan getting leveled by security after running onto the field as part of a marriage proposal during the team's 2023 season opener at Dodger Stadium Thursday (March 30) night.

The video, which was shared by Twitter user @Mazeaveli, shows a fan wearing a Mookie Betts jersey run onto the centerfield grass before turning around and getting on one knee. A security member is then seen running in and trucks the fan before detaining him with two other colleagues while the line, "stop, drop, shut 'em down..." from the late DMX's 'Ruff Ryders Anthem' fittingly plays out of the Dodger Stadium speakers in the background.

"Proposal gone wrong at Dodger Stadium," the Twitter user wrote.

This wasn't the first time a viral video has shown a fan getting leveled after attempting to run on the field at Dodger Stadium. Last August, the Dodgers' right-field ball girl went viral after landing a big hit on a fan after he managed to evade numerous field security members during the the team's game against the crosstown rival Los Angeles Angels.

The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya initially tweeted about the incident as it happened before sharing a video sent from a spectator.

"Holy crap, the ball girl just leveled a fan running onto the field and sent them over the wall," Ardaya posted at the time. "None of the security could catch up to him, but the ball girl laid him out."

The Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, 8-2, during Thursday's season opener.

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