Sister Of California Torture Mom Speaks Out


The sister of Louise Turpin, one of the California parents accused of torturing their 13 children, is speaking out.  Teresa Robinette told NBC's Megyn Kelly that her sister, and husband David Allen Turpin, seemed to live an "idyllic life," first in Texas, and later in California.  She says it was only later in life, when their older children could look after their young siblings, that the couple began experimenting with "different religions" and behaviors like smoking and drinking.  Robinette said at one point, she saw her nieces and nephews frequently, but as time went on she only spoke to them over the phone, and eventually not at all.  Now, she hopes to visit the children in California to tell them they "still have family that is not deranged."  

As for her sister, Robinette said, "Louise no longer exists to me.  She and David are dead to me."

Photo: AOL


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