Welp.  At least their jerseys looked good cause they sure didn’t play very well for 2/3 of the game.  The Caps looked great in the first period.  They actually attacked in the neutral zone and hence, ended up in the offensive zone a lot more and kept the Penguins out of theirs.  They’ve needed to play like that all season.  I know this team is playing with a more offensive-minded mentality, but it drives me insane when they just let their opponents skate over the blue line without any pressure.  The Caps have been poke-checking better, but it’s easier to keep teams from scoring if you don’t let them over the blue line.  Obviously.

            Surprisingly, the Penguins were actually called for some penalties.  Not surprisingly, the Caps didn’t take enough advantage of their power plays.  Ovi scored during a power play in the second period off a quirky rebound that bounced off the post from a Brouwer shot.  It was Ovechkin’s 4th straight game with a goal in Pitt; unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.  The Penguins answered with a goal of their own on a power play (from a questionable call against Chimera) that was 4 seconds from being killed.

            The Caps had another power play chance at the end of the second and the man advantage carried over into the third.  Alas, no dice.  Despite my repeated yells at the TV commanding them to take some shots, the Caps only managed to get one shot off during the whole PP.  Seriously, Caps?  Every time I hear a “Let’s Go Caps” chant, I find myself chanting, “Shoot The Puck.” 

            The worst part of the game was the Caps failure to score on a 4-minute power play in the third.  First of all, Cooke was actually called for a 2 minute penalty for boarding Ovi, and THEN he got 2 more minutes for unsportsmanlike.  Let’s just let that sink in.  Of all the penalties to not take advantage of.  Ovi got a call in his favor.  It was against a dirty player.  Said dirty player then actually got penalized for unsportsmanlike: a 4 minute minor.  And that didn’t even motivate the Caps enough?  No one in the league even likes Cooke.  He’s known for being a dirty player.  He finally got what he deserved and the Caps didn’t take advantage of it.  Not to mention, it was in PITTSBURGH, aka “steel-city-land-where-the-home-team-doesn’t-get-called-for-penalties.”  (Okay that was a stretch, but you get my point.)  I seriously doubt that exact situation will ever happen again.  If it does, I will happily admit I was wrong…if the Caps score.  If not, I’ll just copy and paste this paragraph and add a few expletives.

            Then the Pens scored the game winning goal right after Cookie got out.  Locker even called it.  He commented that if the Caps didn’t score, the Penguins were going to have all the momentum.  I hate when he’s right about bad things, but it was pretty obvious that killing the penalty would amp up the Pens.

            So Pitt won their tenth straight and swept the Caps.  Even with the Caps poor season, a win against the Pens would have been a small consolation prize  Oh well.



Shout Outs To:

  • Holtby – Played a good game.  I think he could have blocked the Niskanen goal, but I’m not going to blame him for the loss.  You can’t win if you don’t score and you don’t score if you don’t shoot the puck.  And I really thought Alzner was going to block that shot.
  • Laich- Even though he didn’t do anything spectacular, and took a penalty late in the game, I don’t care.  It was good to see him on the ice.  Brooksy is back.
  • Orlov – What I said about Brooksy.  Glad he was called back up.
  • Perrault – Because I like saying his name with an exaggerated French accent.  And cause he has 5 points in the last 4 games. Rock on.